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Progress Report: May 2023

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Quite an interesting month!


As reported in the previous report, the 3rd gameplay level was said to be done, with only a few minor bugs to take care of. I'm pleased to report that those bugs have been ironed out and I've been able to move on to the next level.

The 4th level is by far the largest level in the entire campaign both in terms of length and location. As of writing this, I'd estimate that about half of the level has been ironed out, with one of the worst bugs present being fixed at last!

There are a few more things to iron out, but I'm hopeful that after this level is completed, Knightfall will be very close to release (for real this time!).





Literally as I was typing this section of the report I decided to finally program the ability to make any NPC speak any audio file you want. This should be a great tool for machinima makers.


Thanks to the talented people at Jedi Knight: Enhanced, we have been able to implement a number of quality improvements to the mod, primarily for those with Widescreen displays.

Cutscenes from the original game (and Jedi Outcast for that matter) will no longer suffer from the black bars in cutscenes cutting off parts of the cutscene shots and should appear as they did in the original game with minimal difference. Furthermore, text areas will appear more appropriate and the HUD will no longer stretch!

So again a huge thank you to the Jedi Knight: Enhanced team for inventing these fixes.





If anyone has followed us on Facebook or Instagram in the past you might notice that we rarely post on either platform, and we've come to the decision to drop both pages. Facebook was moreorless forced on us as we are flagged for "violating the community guidelines" which was utter BS. Despite efforts to appeal this, they refused to listen.

This, in addition to our utter inactivty on Instagram, has ultimately made us decide to drop Facebook and Instagram completely, and we'll only be available here on JKHub, Discord, Moddb, and YouTube.


Knightfall is coming along well and we also implemented a few quality fixes which should've been added a long time ago (but better late than never, right?). I'm hopeful that Knightfall should be completed during June, then we'll focus on adding every character we've announced so far, then we'll have ourselves an update!

This has not been the easiest updateto work on, with these past several months causing me personally multiple cases of burnout, but I am very excited to keep moving forward with this mod and delivering this remake that's been years in the making.

I do want to offer my sincerest apologies to those that have been disappointed with the length of time the Knightfall remake (and Father vs. Son and Deathstar Rescue for that matter) has taken to develop. I hope with the conclusion of this update's development that we will approach announcing new things with more caution instead of forcing you to wait an indeterminate amount of time after we announce something.

Regardless, thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

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