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Baylan Skoll Saber Blade?

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Does anyone know if any saber blade mod contains a blade colour like that of Baylan Skoll, the character to be featured in Ashoka?

If not, how easy is it to make "additional" blade colours for JK that show in the saber selection alongside existing colours? Think I might give it a go for myself if it's not too complex.

Or does someone else feel like having a look?

I quite like the orange core with the orange/red edges. Nice to see something that doesn't feature a bright white blade core (apart from the Darksaber of course).

Reminds me of the orange blade from DF2/MOTS actually.


RIP to Ray Stevenson by the way. Gone way too soon. I bet his performance in Ashoka will be great!

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Had a go myself, and I can see why for something relatively small it might be a bit challenging.

Firstly, and I expect most people knew this already, there's no clear way of adding extra "colours" to the saber blade selection. You can only replace existing ones.

So I tried repainting the default orange blade and while it looked ok in static, I didn't take into account that the "trail" texture is shared by all blades. So it looks white in the middle again when waved around.

Will have to consider whether there's potential for all blades to have this colour core to match (unlikely) or whether there's a way of setting up a separate trail for just that one blade colour.

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