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JAEnhanced v1.2 • Play with client changes only, more options

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After a lot of requests from the community since v1.1 came out last year, I went through and did my best to make more things optional, so if you want a more vanilla experience with some of the core improvements JAEnhanced has like widescreen, RGB SFX sabers, bug fixes, etc., you can now do that. All optional PK3's have been moved to an "Optional" folder which you can pick and choose which ones you want or don't want. By default they are all in that folder so they are disabled.

List of optional features:

  • New force powers • Force Insanity, Destruction, Repulse and Stasis have been added. Force Repulse is gained automatically during the SP campaign. Bind the keys in the Controls menu. NPCs can use Destruction and Stasis. For faster force regeneration, g_forceRegenTime has been brought over from MP.
  • Improved jedi_hm • DT's very nice improved Human Male jedi is included with Jedi Robe options with RGB tinting features.
  • Build Your Own Lightsaber • Now lightsabers can be customized like the player species. Example customizable hilts are included thanks to AshuraDX and Plasma.’
  • New lightsaber hilts from around the Star Wars universe, even the Expanded Universe and new canon, all thanks to Plasma’s lightsaber pack.
  • Improved effects • also known as "UltimateWeapons", this is a must-have to create a more authentic Star Wars atmosphere
  • Included HapSlash’s improved stormtrooper model • because the default one is atrocious.
  • Included Toshi’s Luke model • because of same reason as above
  • Included AshuraDX’s high quality DL-44 model • because it is beautiful

A small change was also made to the Minimal dismemberment setting to be g_dismemberment 0 rather than 2.

Keep in mind you MUST have zZZ_jaenhanced.pk3, that one is not optional.

1.2 is a small update but hopefully this makes some players happy that didn't want too much of the bloat that we added as part of this project but like the core features. 🙂 Please let me know if you run into any issues after this update. I tested some key things but not everything.

Download Jedi Academy: Enhanced

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