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No Progress Report for March

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Hey everyone!

So as the title said, there is not going to be a progress report for the month of March. The reason for this is because over the course of this month and February, I have been in the process of moving. There have been other factors which have distracted me from working on this wonderful mod which I'm not comfortable (or permitted) to talk about, but long story short this month has been ridiculous.

With the reality of the move setting in, especially now that as of writing this I will be moving at the end of next week, all gears have been shifted to packing up my home and the mod (and even gaming in general) has been an afterthought.

After the move is completed, I will be back to work in full swing.

To give a quick summary of the progress made this month. The 2nd gameplay level of Operation: Knightfall's remake is completed and both the 1st and 2nd levels are currently undergoing script overhauls which shouldn't take too long.

Lwkill has been hard at work at the long-awaited Escape from Theed mission and Basil Bonehead and I had the opportunity to play the level. We had a lot of fun with this first playthrough and think it's a very well designed representation of the level from the Episode 1 game.

Again, I'm sorry about the lack of a detailed report for this month and I hope the April one will be more exciting.

Also don't forget that our April Fools event will be live for one day on April 1st with a small alteration to Darth Maul's extended ending story with Duel of the Fates!

Again I'm sorry for the lack of report, but life happens.

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

TL;DR: Process of moving has made working on the mod difficult and I should be back to normal in April. Knightfall and Escape from Theed are coming along well and both have hit milestones in development.

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