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Master list of skyboxes

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Hello fellow id tech 3 players/modders/mappers etc.

Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section, I could not find a mappers only section in the forum.

I'm coming from the Defrag community in Quake 3. You may not know me but you may have played some of maps (most likely not lol). Anyway, I'm in the process of compiling a master list of skyboxes using q3map2's new shader parameters (q3map_sunExt ; q3map_lightmapFilterRadius & q3map_skyLight) and also fixing the sun values to match the actual sun in the texture (if there is one). I have compiled ~500 unique skies so far and am looking to expand.

Has anyone in your community have done such a thing? If not, do you guys have a repack for all your maps? Your map downloads isn't exactly user friendly & pk3 within zipfile, very cumbersome work to manually repack.

If you guys have a discord please send me the link.


Much appreciated,



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