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Progress Report: June 2021

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Kind of a cliche to keep saying this, but progress, lots and lots of progress!


The new force powers are 100% completed and are functioning as intended. A new menu is currently in progress to allow you to freely select them during the Jedi Academy campaign. The Jedi Outcast campaign will also include Force Stasis and Force Destruction, allowing you to naturally unlock them during the course of Kyle Katarn's journey.

Progress is currently being made on adding the force powers to the NPCs and character selection. Thus far, the TOR and TSE npcs have been applied the new abilities respectively.'

Please enjoy a small demo video I made of Jedi Outcast's Cairn Dock 1 level with the new force powers included!


With the initial release of Knights of the Force 2.1, we added a number of weapons to the mod. Some of the decisions made with the weapons were....controversial at best. Our team member The New Order took it upon himself over the course of the last year to re-do the stats of the guns, as well as adding more versatility to gunplay itself. Many of the guns have been given entirely new methods of fire, such as high-powered single shots, semi-automatic fire (fires for each click), burst fire, automatic fire, scopes on some rifles, and even adding multiple functions to a single gun.

For example, Boba Fett's EE-3 will now fire in three burst rounds by default, you will also have the ability to utilize a scope for accurate targeting, as well as a highly powerful sniper shot. The Clone Commando's famous DC-17m will also have all 3 firing modes that you got to enjoy in Republic Commando!

Please enjoy a brief video I made showcasing the changes.


Over the past few days, we have implemented the ability for you to block Force Lightning with your lightsaber. As of our current functionality, here is what you can expect:

- LEVEL 1 SABER DEFENSE: Block Force Lightning at 10 force points per cycle

- LEVEL 2 SABER DEFENSE: Block Force Lightning at 5 force points per cycle

- LEVEL 3 SABER DEFENSE: Block Force Lightning at 1 force point per cycle

While blocking lightning will cost force powers, you will be able to use force absorb to gain points back, with the potential to block lightning almost indefinitely.

- LEVEL 1 FORCE ABSORB: Regain 1 force point per cycle while blocking lightning.

- LEVEL 2 FORCE ABSORB: Regain 5 force points per cycle while blocking lightning.

- LEVEL 3 FORCE ABSORB: Regain 10 force points per cycle while blocking lightning.


We are nearing the release of this update, and over the course of development, I will be giving regular updates on our Discord server. The following are a list of tasks remaining to be completed, I will do my best to remember to update this progress report as we complete or progress with our tasks.

Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.

- Assign all Force Powers to NPCs - TOR and TSE npcs completed, 9 factions remaining.

- Refactor Character Selection menu to include the new Force Powers - COMPLETE

- Create settings menu options for newly implemented console commands (such as pistol dual-wielding and trueview) - COMPLETE

- Change 1 cutscene in Darth Maul's extended ending

- Allow for blocking lightning with an activated lightsaber - COMPLETE

- Create updated Force Power selection menu for Jedi Academy campaign

- Implement Force Stasis and Force Destruction progression in the Jedi Outcast campaign - COMPLETE

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