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How can I modify the alt_fire rate?

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Hi folks, i'm new to the page but i've been following and playing jedi academy for a long time, 
I've been trying for a long time to learn how to modify an  npc so that it uses the alternate 
firing of a wp_blaster so that it fires 5 shots per second, someone who can teach me please.
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  • Lancelot changed the title to How can I modify the alt_fire rate?

You cant.

The altfire 1 in the .npc file simply does not work and npcs cannot use this.

I suggest using this mod if you want altfire and also control the firerate of npcs: 

There may also be a few mods that make the game support altfire in .npc files.

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the script doesn't work for me. First I write in the console the character as npc spawn human_merc bob, later I put runcript human_merc bob altfire and it makes me red. RunScript: unable to find altfire target name
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