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Map commission that I would gladly pay for

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I have dabbled in trying to create my own maps throughout the years. The thing is I do like a million other things in life with other projects and gotta really focus on my main calling in life.

But I had this side project in the back of my head to build a map of my university and prepare it as a gift for my PC/gaming friends for our 10th graduation anniversary next year.

I have all the pictures of the university at the time with the intent of eventually making a JKA map out of it in the future, so this was something really lurking in the back of my head for years. I thought it would be cool to be like "Hey guys guess what?" and we all meet up on the map after I give them the download and it would just be a very cool way to hang out when we're not able to meet up, since some of us have moved away far and wide.

The thought occurred to me to offer up the idea for someone to create the map for me and I would pay them. Dunno if anyone's used to that but I figured I'd take a shot in the dark and we can discuss the details in private.

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