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Anybody home (unlocked basejka servers?)

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Knock knock, recently got the bug again thanks to Open JK + modern PCs far outclassing former potatoes allowing me to play on glorious maximum settings. Things actually glow at full fps now! Glad to see some people still playing, have on and off been a part of this community (including associations with many of the members of this particular one, though under a lot of different names) and that several FFA servers are still up, however I was sorely disappointed to see that whilst there were still a half dozen base servers regularly populated, they were all without fail passworded. I can understand especially in the jka heyday why clans would want privacy to stop hordes of randomers coming on but you'd think thesedays they'd understand that allowing wanderers to come would keep things alive a little longer and provide some much needed fresh challenge to what is surely a very stale """"competitive""" (I mean in the sense of classic base saber dueling & tffa rather than necessary ESL/ranked) scene. There were many of us semi-anonymous wanderers who kept pace with the best and gave the named legends a run for their money but now anyone coming back onto the game for a genuine challenge in the realm we're used to seem kind of locked out... so if anybody happens to know of any regularly played servers with publically available websites/passwords etc, I'd greatly appreciate a homing pigeon/smoke signal/laser-etched rock from outer space regarding it. Or even if somebody who occasionally plays in one of the few unlocked duel/tffa base servers to mention which specific ones so I might be more likely to catch an actual opponent! 


Have a good week all, and stop that Jaden

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On 4/5/2021 at 11:56 AM, Bubbles said:

I think the issue is they want to ensure people are not playing with OpenJK/Eternal due to cvar unlocks.

Try asking on https://discord.gg/tsVvA2wM  

The JKCommunity discord you might find more luck there.

Oh, that's not the issue at all, lol.  It's to keep new players who have no idea about what's going on from joining, jumping ingame during a pug, and causing chaos.

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