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A rather strange MDL type model.

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Guys, I need your help, I was carrying some map objects when a cab from London that I really liked showed up, but trying to port it becomes totally horrible. I have used programs like: Crafty, Crowbar and Noesis,  but none have worked, the model is a .mdl format. Does anyone know what kind of program can work for me or if they can port it for me? This is the model: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ffkip3t4c8u0uln/Cab.rar/file


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Thanks for answering and trying. That's what I meant, it comes out horrible as the .smd version that I left in the zip file. And that is the original model, the truth is that it is very complicated or even impossible to export it, I do not know what it is, normally this was fixed by Crowbar, but this time he did not succeed. And again I appreciate the help.

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