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Invisible capes and robes

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So I have been doing some Frankensteining recently and I've noticed on several of my models capes are appearing on the back, but on the front they are completely invisible. I managed to fix this somehow, after LOADS of tweaking. Though I'm not even remotely sure of what I did. 


Back side, the cape is visible


Front side, it's no longer visible





It's really weird. It even happens on my game when I use other people's models. This one comes to mind, when I used it the cape wouldn't work properly. Despite seeing it work on other people's games. But not all. Grievous VM and the Darth Vader I pulled that body for Luke off of, both work perfectly. I'm wondering if this is a shader issue.


Before someone says something, I'm not throwing shade on the Mando model. It's actually one of the highest quality models I've seen on here. Which makes me think I'm having some kind of weirdo issue. I have hundreds of shaders in my game, so some of them might not be working due to overload.


However the other models that I've made still don't work even on my mod free builds of the game.  I'm not really sure what could be wrong.


Alright solved the issue. 


The issue is either Shaders not loading, or not having Shaders at all. Those Frankenstein's of mine had no Shaders. The Din Djarin's were not loading in my game. I will have to clear out some of the mods in my base folder, which I have been building since 2010 soon.

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