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Tulak Hord model and lightsaber for JKA (ported)

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Hi all,

I'm Ben from Hungary and I'm a fairly new/wannabe modeler on this forum. I joined to JKHUB in 2012 if I remember correctly but in the last 6-7 months started to model or frankenstein things for JKA. I thought you'd like these models, so I'd like to share what I'm working on right now.



Tulak Hord 3D model - I downloaded it from a forum (OBJ model and textures), I did the riging and everything else (can't remember the name of forum, sorry...)

Tulak Hord lightsaber - ShenLong Kazama extracted it (OBJ and textures), I did the porting and shadering and the other stuffs...

Point is guys, neither of them perfect (frankly, far from perfect)... the shaders somehow off on the character model, and sometimes, when I do the taunting move there is a hole at the neck-body attaching line, and you can see through the hole.

The hilt textures need a little work, the leather handle part's texture a little bit too dark.

They are not my first works, the hilt is 7th, and the character model is 3rd.

So... Can anyone help me with these problems? I thank you in advance! 🙂

Sorry for my english,I know it's bad, but it improves with every day, when I use it. 😄

Cheers and be safe! 😉

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A Tulak Hord model for JKA does already exist, but the textures on yours look a little better. The issue with a hole/gap showing under certain animations is most likely a weighing issue, without us seeing the model's .GLM cannot confirm what specifically you need to adjust, but should be something minor. Potentially a vert or two on the object needs the weight on one of the bone's to be adjusted to a lower percentage so it doesn't move that area of the model completely when the animation plays / or set to 1 so it doesn't move at all from the point where the two objects join.

What's wrong with the shader? Show pictures and explain what you want it to look like, perhaps someone can assist you.

With the hilt texture, are you capable of editing images in Photoshop/Gimp? If so then surely just brighten the texture, or google a rope-like texture and adjust the colours to suit how you want it to look like.

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