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I suppose I could introduce myself

MoJo JoJo

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There really is not much events or things involved in my spare time to really give a good introduction of myself. (Can I really call this an introduction?) I do have a fascination with computers and computer games and do like to edit how games work, but am very limited in my knowledge of computer programming, so I’m not really able to do so without a lot of help.

I’ve not had access to my computer(s) for over a year now due to staying at someone else’s house while trying to find a new place to live, so that’s alot of why I’ve not been on this site much.

So like I mentioned above; I don’t have too much going on most of my time, I basically have too much free time to know what to do with and difficulties finding other hobbies. I figured I at least should say something about me for a change rather than popping up occasionally needing help with something game code related.

I’m sure this wasn’t a very detailed “introduction” of me but hey, I did best I could which I guess is what counts.

Peace. ✌️

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