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I thought after many years id finally create an account here, since i seem to lurk most days but never really comment or bring anything to the table. Some of you may know me, i'd imagine the vast majoirty wont. I joined JKA around 2013' as many did ended up in numerious clans mostly JA+ clans such as EJO/AZ/EFF. I do try my hand at other things however and like to experiment as such ive joined RPing (JAO) and began trying to modify the game like so many of you have done awesomely at.

Im from England... yes one of those ignorant brits drat!! , im a family man having two children a son and a daughter.

My main focus on the game is primarily getting better, ive a lot of bad habbits and im trying to break them, dont get me wrong i dont want to be ESL champion now, im just talking mechanically sound enough to last more than a minuite and a half in a race to 10 😄

Anyhow hope to see and chat with some of you soon.



(Formally known as: Serenity/Valkrye (2013), (Kirito/Irisa 2013-2019')

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Hi there!

13 hours ago, Boots said:

Boots/Sella (Formally known as: Serenity/Valkrye (2013), (Kirito/Irisa 2013-2019')

So is it Boots or Sella now??  Pick one, please. 

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I use boots for JA+  and base // Sella for RP, but i go by Boots on a day to day basis. hope that helps clarify things a little.

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