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Thrawn - Heir to the Empire - An Animated Movie

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I'm Sec Vieh. the creator of the german Star Wars animated movie "Star Wars - Heir to the Empire - An Animated Movie":

I dont know if here are many german users, but independently I would like to ask, if somebody wants to help me to create the second chapter.

In particular I need help in searching for the best maps and models (jedi knight/academy) for the next scenes).

I'm not sure if the modding forum is better for this purpose, if so, please move this topic!


Thank you and best regards

Sec Vieh

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So many places to check out - I did miss this, but DarthValeria sent me the link to YouTube so I tried googling you and endet up here ?

If you need some help with Mapping, be it just intel or small parts, DM me ?

Spreche auch Deutsch, falls das einfacher ist.


Klasse Projekt für Machinima!

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