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Stuck in Dvorn

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Hello. I am playing the mod and it has been working well so far, but, after passing the first mission in Dvorn (the one who makes you use stealth), the game gets stuck in the loading screen and I have to close it from the task manager (there is no crash, the screen just freezes in the loading screen).

Does anyone know what the cause could be?

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Nobody reported this problem before, but it might depend on the JA version or your PC specifics. One person mentioned, that he couldn't load one of the next maps in a similar manner (but the game crashed) due to a wrong path way for the mod. Quite often people make a wrong folder inside the base folder, run the mod and then the issues begin. The issues was fixed with the right path name: it must be DP_Chapter1 (not DPChapter1).

You could try using Esc button multiple times during the loading screen and see whether the game would bring you to the Main Menu (it should do that). If so, you might check whether it made a Save File for the next map.


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On 7/17/2020 at 1:33 AM, Spectrometer said:

Thanks, NumberWan. Yes, I have already tried pressing Esc but the game doesn't create a Save.

I think the problem is with the path or the folders' names, I will try that then. 

Even if you fix the path to the main JA folder, you'll also have to check one more position: like C:\Users\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\DP_Chapter1 

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