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  1. This, i think, was the problem, I reinstalled everything again AND created this folder, and there was no bug anymore. Now I can play normally for now, thanks!
  2. Thanks, NumberWan. Yes, I have already tried pressing Esc but the game doesn't create a Save. I think the problem is with the path or the folders' names, I will try that then.
  3. Hello. I am playing the mod and it has been working well so far, but, after passing the first mission in Dvorn (the one who makes you use stealth), the game gets stuck in the loading screen and I have to close it from the task manager (there is no crash, the screen just freezes in the loading screen). Does anyone know what the cause could be?
  4. I've just sent you a friend request as Spectrometer, sorry if I do something wrong, I've never used Discord.
  5. The problem is, when I click "accept" on that message (that includes a crash log notification) the game doesn't open.
  6. Hello, I´ve installed the mod as the guide said, I've even removed some JA configuration and language files from the Base folder, and merged the two KotF folders, but when I open the SP launcher a message saying "Warning: no shader files found" appears (I tried to upload a screenshot but I'm not allowed).
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