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[Released] JKGalaxies 1.3.22a

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JKGalaxies 1.3.22a Released!

Hey everyone, the next major release of Jedi Knight Galaxies is here!  This is a full release so you will need to replace existing installs, and will need to download the new assets and binaries.  A patch for v1.3.23 will likely be released in the coming in a few months depending on feedback from our next scrimmage match and any new features/bug fixes we manage to cram in by then.  Read the change log below to see a summarized list of changes, there's a lot since our last major release!  We will be also putting the release on ModDB (and other mirrors) in due time if you're interested in that.  The easiest way to download the game is through our new website.  Also for your information, we release test/preview releases much more often than we do with our major stable releases which is available at the bottom of the downloads page on the site.  These are announced on the Discord, which you should totally join if haven't already =p.  Thanks to everyone who helped test and create this version!  Links are also provided below:

>Windows: Assets | Binaries
>Linux: Assets | Binaries
>OSX: (not available)

If you need help installing JKG, please visit this page for a helpful walk through tutorial of installing JKG.  To build from the source code yourself, please refer the Github page. If you're on Linux, Flate's Guide will take you through the process step-by-step


Change Log

We've been through a lot of bug fixes and new developments to get the game to the current state.  Here's a summary of the changes.

Changes included in v1.3.21 and v1.3.22

New Features
Overheating System
No more automatic blaster spam!  Cross hairs will begin to redden as your weapon generates heat and will stop or slow down your ability to fire once it becomes overloaded with heat.  You will need to wait for it to cool down before continuing to fire or switch to a new weapon.  Many automatic blasters have received a significant nerf as a result. 

Medicinal Healing Pellets
Load a slugthrower weapon with this bacta based pellet ammunition, it will heal your target as well as cure them of poison or bleed debuffs.

Toxic Gas Canisters
Load poison gas into a flamethrower in order to conduct chemical warfare against the enemy team. Warning: canisters fumes are deadly to breathe in when burned and will give you a poison debuff!

Incendiary Slugthrower Rounds
A special type of slugthrower ammunition that is capable of igniting targets it hits, applying them with a painful fire debuff.

Loading Tips
The game will now display loading tips while a map is loading.

EMP Blasts
Jetpacks (and in the future hopefully other types of equipment) can now be disabled via emp blasts from certain damage types (sonic, ion, electronic, ionblaster, etc).  You must penetrate through a player's shield to effect them.

Performance Analysis System
A new performance analysis system capable of displaying processor, memory and other in depth system resource usage is available with the /perf 1 command.  The tool is still in its early stages, but will be expanded on more.

New Map Pack!
The Jawa Fortress by Yzmo, features a twisted cave complex the Jawas, native to the Tatooine desert, are currently defending from invading Tusken Raiders.  The Mos Eisley Arena a perfect map for one on one duels, or insane team fights in a narrow enclosed arena, this map features a small part of a larger map that will be available in Phase 2.  The map was initially created by MaceCrusherMadunusus with tweaks by Pande and Futuza.  The Imperial Base map by Noodle features a rebel attack at small Imperial facility located on a very rainy planetoid.  Both Mos Eisley Arena, Imperial Base and the Jawa Fortress have ctf modes available as well.


  • Improved and fixed ammo overrides, buffs and debuffs are now properly applied.  Some new ammo types added as a result.
  • When browsing for servers, the "internet" source will combine all master server lists into one, rather than only pulling from Raven's (thanks to OpenJK for this fix).
  • Only certain types of jetpacks can be activated while carrying a CTF flag (this also plays a sputter sound to indicate it won't activate - sounds based on MWLANDI's gas stove recordings.
  • Shields will now protect you from being stunned while they hold a charge.
  • Death message improvements: centerprint messages restored, more improvements to come.
  • New refined-heal debuff (removes poison and bleed debuffs and has higher healing rate).
  • Vendors announce when their stock is replaced (new cvar: jkg_announceShopRefresh, set to 0 to disable, defaults to 1).
  • Civilian vendors can now have custom upset messages (such as when you don't have enough credits to purchase a weapon).
  • Jetpacks can now be activated with the assigned aci button (eg: press 8 on keyboard to use jetpack on aci slot 8), as well as while in the air like before.
  • Jetpack's and shields now autoequip themselves if you don't already have one equipped.
  • Added the missing Jawa icon from WizardMKBK's pack available here on JKHub.
  • Improved certain system messages to make issues such as attempting to sell a starter weapon more obvious to users.
  • When a weapon exceeds maxHeat, it will need to cooldown to less than the heatThreshold value (default 75% of maxHeat), before you can fire again. The ambientHeatRate key value was added for use in a map's entity/worldspawn data and controls jkg_heatDissipateTime meaning that a map's ambient temperature can affect how quickly/slowly weapons cooldown when generating heat. You will also hear sound events hear associated with each of these events now as well (see below for credits).

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Balance overhaul: extensive changes intended to better balance overpowered weapons and give less used weapons more incentive to buy them.  Adjusted several clip sizes, and ammo costs.
  • Fixed LJ-70 Beam Effect.
  • Fixed no damage area bug.
  • Fixed missing textures/shaders in some maps.
  • Simplified damage code to reduce bugs.
  • Fixed bug in dodge rolls present in v1.3.19's initial release.
  • Nerfed dlt 19 sniper to do less damage.
  • Jetpack's fuel gauge auto fill when you spawn (no more waiting to charge them up).
  • Simplified pay commands, you must have earned enough credits to actually be able to share credits with others (doesn't including your starting credits).
  • Fixed shield spillover damage, that was causing bizarre healing damage.
  • Removed extra damage done to armored opponents with ion damagetype.
  • Adjusted some shield prices and stats for better balance.
  • Increased damage to shields (and droids) when using electrical based weaponry.
  • Reduced the slow effects of armor so it isn't quite so drastic.
  • Fixed vendors attempting to autoequip items they sold.
  • Fixed bounty split reward code, improved performance.
  • Buffed the flamethrower slightly.
  • Buffed arc casters slightly.
  • Fixed autofiring bug for weapons that consume multiple ammo counts, when the weapon's clip is partially depleted. eg: DXR-6
  • Reduced ammo costs in general, especially for blasters and pistols.
  • Reduced price of certain trip mines.
  • Reduced max stack size on bacta consumables and some grenades.
  • Shader's for certain effects such as poison no longer viewable through walls.
  • Bounty Code Bug Fix and Optimization.
  • Fixed bug with fallback vendor sounds, and added new sounds for new types of vendors such as Jawas or sand people as well as new gangwar team definitions for them.
  • Fixed crash on npcs checking for shields when null.
  • Fixed crash with consumables.
  • Fixed ammo price calculations and labels, shop now charges reasonable amounts and doesn't lie about the price anymore.  Underdog bonuses for ammo price reductions has been disabled for the time being, until they can be properly implemented in a future patch.
  • Trip mines won't blow up on teammates on anymore.
  • Fixed possible jetpack crashes due to sound issues.
  • Firing mode labels have been fixed on various weapons that were missing it or had incorrect labels.
  • Fixed obituary messages so team changes don't count as suicides anymore.
  • Fixed bug where non-client objects (such as trip mines or glass), could no longer take damage from missile based weapons. You can shoot trip mines now, Ivan.
  • Fixed bug where players could switch weapons while cooking a grenade resulting in funny things, like deleting the wrong item stack.
  • Fixed bug where maxHeat was not set per weapon and all were based on 100, rather than individual weapon maxHeat values. Fixed a bug where heat could become less than 0.
  • Fixed bug where heat values were not initialized properly when respawning.
  • Fixed crash when npcs were targeted by EMP blast weapons.
  • Fixed crash caused by allowing a firemode/saberstyle change while dead.
  • Various other stability and quality of life improvements, see commit logs on Github for details.

Audio Sound FX Credits

Several new sounds were added to the assets to facilitate current and future development. Most are not yet in use or didn't quite make the cut. The new audio fx were based on or inspired by the following sources, in addition to public domain and self created audio:



Thanks to all the amazing audio artists who have made their work available, we appreciate your help in creating new sounds for JKG!



Changes included in v1.3.19
New Features
Dodge Rolls
By rolling you can mitigate some damage types by correctly timing your roll.  Damage is reduced up to 15% if you roll out of the way.

Glua damage system overhaul
Script damage is now much more customizable with glua tie ins to the engine (see spice item for test)

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Improved treasure class selection
  • Exploit: no more infinite ammo thermal detonators
  • Fix: ammo pricing corrections for various items, no more 1 credit rocket purchases
  • Gave the array_bryar some more love, has just enough spread now to be
  • useful, also added a 3rd firing mode called "decimate" which fires 9
  • projectiles in a large spread.
  • Proton carbine buffed a little
  • Fixed extra undefined firing mode on launcher_e-60R (this is possibly
  • causing rare crashes)
  • DH-17 pistol nerfed, smaller clip size
  • T-21 and DLT-19 adjusted to be more worth their price while also remaining distinctly useful
  • Disable passive credit gain announcements except in debug builds

Changes included in v1.3.18
New Features
New Cvars

  • g_teamsLocked : (default 0), if set to 1 will lock the teams so players cannot switch teams after 20% of the match timelimit has passed (new players have 3 minutes to pick a team).
  • g_teamSwitchTime : (default 5), how many seconds players must wait before switching teams.

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • fixed blank name on bacta grenades
  • client data now keeps track of how much a player has spent
  • fixed jkg_buyAnnounce so that it can be disabled, set to announce to your team, or to both teams
  • exploit fix with pay
  • selling back starter guns now shows correct price (1) in shop menu
  • starting weapon ammo is now free of charge
  • ammo for the losing team is discounted off normal price depending on how badly the team is losing by (note: unfortunately this is not displaying correctly yet, though the actual charged amount is correct)
  • compiler fixes
  • don't reward our own team teamkillbonuses for suicides or team kills!
  • don't reward the teamkillbonuses if someone switches teams!
  • increased default spawn invulnerability time to 4 seconds from 3.



Changes included in v1.3.17

New Features

New Vendors
There are now several new types of vendors and treasure class sets, vendors can also use specific fail/buy/interaction sounds if present. You can use these in game by spawning an npc vendor with the command npc spawn vendor npc_name vendorclass eg:/npc spawn vendor vendor_medic medicalvendor

Healing Buffs
There are now healing buffs, presently no shop weapons actually use them, but we will soon have a number of items put in to make use of these such as bacta grenades. There are two test items currently that use healing buffs including the grenade_bacta_antidote-e grenade and the medicinal slugthrower ammo.

New Efx For Poison
On body hit effects for poison are now here.

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Healing plums work again!
  • Weapons can do negative damage (healing).
  • Price adjustments to some weapons and slight balance changes
  • CTF Credit bonus fixes.
  • jkg_allowDebuffKills 1 will now use debuff settings to determine whether the debuff can do a last hit and finish someone off
  • Reorganization of some code modules for cleaner code and improved performance
  • Reorganization of some file structures for zz_jkg_asset5.pk3 and glua/server files
  • Added "percentage" (boolean) to debuff data, will interpret damage as a % of current health to inflict rather than a hard number (eg: 25 would do 25% of the target's current health).
  • Ammo price adjustments
  • Nerfed costs for some of the more expensive weapons to make them more likely to be purchased and used.
  • Shield prices have been reevaluated based on their usefulness from play testing
  • Healing Plums now work for items that use lua scripts (such as bacta).

Changes included in v1.3.15

New Features

Passive Credit System
Configurable via cvars, player's will gain a small amount of credits when employed by a team every thirty seconds. Those who join late will be paid what they would have received had the been on a team from the beginning of the match. Three cvars control variables for this system:

  • jkg_passiveCreditsAmount, defaults to 15 credits; how much to be paid each iteration
  • jkg_passiveCreditsRate, defaults to 30000 milliseconds; how often to pay
  • jkg_passiveCreditsWait, defaults to 60000 milliseconds; how long to wait till player's receive payments
  • jkg_passiveUnderdogBonus, defaults 1, disabled if set to 0. If enabled gives 20% increased credits to the losing team's players when passive credits are awarded.  Setting jkg_passiveCreditsAmount to 0 will disable this system on the server.

Underdog Reward System
For late joins introduced. Intended to help player's who join the game's losing team catch up more quickly and keep up with the opposition.
jkg_underdogBonus defaults to 1, disabled if set to 0. If enabled, gives player's who join late additional starting credits depending on when they join the game consult the following table:
less than 30% match complete = +10% credits
30-44% match complete = +25% credits
45-59% match complete = +40% credits
60-64% match complete = +70% credits
65-69% match complete = +80% credits
70-79% match complete = +100% credits
80-100% match complete = +125% credits

Additionally if the winning team is only ahead by 2 or less points, the credit reward is halved.

Team Kill Bonus System
Configurable via cvar, all player's on a team will be given a bonus amount of credits anytime any player on their team gets a kill (the killer is excluded from this reward). Use jkg_teamKillBonus to set the amount to reward, if set to 0 Team Kill Bonuses are disabled. Player's who's rank (kill count) doubled is less than their death are rewarded double.

Improved Bounty System
A new cvar, jkg_MaxKillStreakBounty will limit the maximum amount of credits one can receive from claiming a bounty by limiting the multiplier used to determine credit rewards when claiming a bounty. The default is 7. For example: Suppose Jill kills Jack 8 times and has a killstreak of 8. Jack kills Jill but will only receive the max reward (as if Jill had a killstreak of 7). This will help better balance bounties so they don't tip the scales too drastically. Additionally whenever a bounty holder dies from natural causes (falling off a cliff, suicide, etc) the opposing team will receive the bounty divided up by the number of players on that team.

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes

  • Disabled jkg_safeTreasureClasses by default until that system can be fixed
  • MAX_PLACEABLE_CONSUME_WPNS increased to 20 (you can now have up to 20 detonators/trip mines on the field at once).
  • Fixed a minor problem with safeTreasureClasses attempting to read memory out of bounds
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes, code refactors, and optimizations.
  • Various item price adjustments and slight damage changes for better balance.
  • Refactored some code
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I have also now added an OSX binary for you Mac users out there.  (Special thanks to Flate for helping me with that).

Scratch that it looks like we built it wrong, getting it fixed will be reuploaded once its been fixed.

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