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[Announcement] JKG February Test Scrimmage Matches


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Hello friends, we need your help beta testing the newest build as we prepare for our next stable release (v1.3.21).  The last scrimmage match in December went very well and helped us iron out a few more critical bugs.  As a result, I'll be scheduling three official scrimmage matches this week:


To get the latest preview build, go hereMore news about the scrimmage will be upcoming, to stay up to date watch the Discord #announcement channel.  Map Pack #2 is also now available for testing.

The test scrimmage matches have concluded, thanks for playing everyone and for the invaluable feedback. There's a few things we'll probably need to patch before we move the test release into the next stable version, but most of the patch seems to be working as expected (other than the strange crashes).  Feel free to leave any bug reports in this thread that you saw during the matches, if you didn't already post it in Discord. 

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4 hours ago, asd said:

Where to get the new maps like jawa fortress?

its not in the download

It will be released before the first scrimmage match, we're making some last minute fixes to them before they're released.  It'll be added to the download page as "Map Pack #2" once its added and I'll post an announcement on the web page feed as well.

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