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Adding new NPC to a map through ENT file

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It seems I had more knowledge and skills 10 years ago I guess. Before I've made a map in GTK Radiant, but now after all these times it seems I forgot how to use GTK Radiant, cuz to shortly say, it won't display anything when I try to open a map file. It displays nothing, no textures, no objects, nothing. Maybe it's cuz my JA is installed on a different drive (Not the default C:). Maybe it's cuz of Windows 10, who knows...

Anyway I want to quickly add a different model (for example in a map with 4 JediTrainers I want one Luke, so it will be 4 JediTrainers and 1 Luke, OR if unable to add, then replace one JediTrainer with Luke) onto an ENT file, so I could compile it to a map. (BSP)

I've always wanted to add Luke to the Yavin courtyard map in JO. It's the final battle at the Academy and he's absent.

Is this possible through these lines?

"classname" "NPC_Jedi"
"targetname" "squad6"
"origin" "1324 -412 88"
"NPC_target4" "ff_death"
"NPC_targetname" "jedi_helper1"


"classname" "NPC_Jedi"
"angle" "315"
"spawnflags" "32"
"origin" "-204 -780 288"
"NPC_targetname" "saber_student1"
"targetname" "saber_room"



It seems I'm figuring this out on my own. I'll let everyone know if I solve it.


"classname" "NPC_spawner"
"NPC_type" "Luke"
"origin" "4070 -1760 36"
"NPC_targetname" "cinematic1_luke"
"spawnflags" "224"
"angle" "360"


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