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Regarding the updater


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As probably everyone in the KotF community knows, the updater has been experiencing issues with downloading since around the time of Thanksgiving. The cause is currently unknown to us, but we can safely conclude that the issue lies with Google and not the updater.

In efforts to test if the updater was compromised, I reconfigured the updater to download a small number of files from another Google Drive, thankfully it succeeded.

Whether if the official Google Drive for KotF was compromised either due to a high amount of traffic, or some other voodoo, what's clear is that the cause is unknown. But we are actively working toward a solution.

Tonight I will be uploading the entire mod to another Google Drive and will test the updater. If it's successful, we will release a new updater with the updated configurations.


As we work toward a solution, the entire mod has been reuploaded to moddb to align with our most recent patch from November 1st


I apologize for this major inconvenience, and we're appreciative of your continued support.

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