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Patch Notes: 11/01/19


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Patch Notes - 11/01/2019


- NEW CAMPAIGN: JEDI OUTCAST; Journey through Kyle Katarn's epic quest as he discovers a sinister threat to the New Republic and learns to embrace his destiny as a Jedi Knight. (Jedi Outcast sold separately)

- NEW BONUS MISSION: JEDI OUTCAST DEMO; Released prior to Jedi Outcast's debut, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors must work together to neutralize an Imperial Installation on the planet Alzoc III.


Jedi Outcast must be installed through our brand new launcher. Click on "Configure Jedi Outcast" and you can install Jedi Outcast into KotF. 

In efforts to discourage piracy, Jedi Outcast's campaign is strictly a Launcher exclusive.


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