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Posting old mods

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Hi every one, it is good to see that JO and JA are still appreciated and to expand the collection of files we have, I was wondering if I can submit mods from the days the games were at their peak, when other mod sites had the mods, but I wonder if I can submit those and give credit to the author of the mod if the info is available, there are some great mods that we don't have on this website and it would be a shame if they aren't able to be shared again...

Maybe this topic has been aknowledged, in that case sorry for repeating a question...

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If you are able to get permission from the original authors, it shouldn't be a problem to upload the mods. But if you can't get them on certain mods, you should contact the JKHub admins. Sometimes, if there is no way to contact the original author(s), admins make exceptions.

Could you make a list of the mods you have? You could also mention the authors the mods are connected to (like "Anakin/Darth Vader" by Toshi). I'm really curious about what mods you have.

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