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Our goal for the advertisement forum is to give the opportunity to groups to advertise and market their community, server, mod, etc. to the JKHub community and gain a little exposure to those that visit our website. It's free advertising (albeit not much) and we've never asked for anything in return.


Lately, this has become an issue where people have been bumping their threads every time another thread is posted or bumped. We didn’t think much of it before, but it’s beginning to deter others away from even bother posting their thread or post an update in their existing thread. The forum is not a twitter feed, it’s meant to be more of a billboard or newsletter.


We have implemented moderator approval for all posts and threads in the advertisement forums. We won’t approve a post unless it’s been roughly around 6 months since the last post. Our goal is to limit the amount of spam and encourage users to give more meaningful updates on their community or mod after a more reasonable time frame, without focusing on bumping threads over other groups’ threads to stay on the top. If everyone did this, we’d end up with no good advertisement content.


We see the value in bumping, which is why we allow it, but only after 6 months. People like seeing how a community or mod is doing, and waiting to give a big update all at once is much more enticing than small spammy posts.

Also, I want to encourage anyone posting an ad to think about the marketing behind your post, think about what information people want to see about whatever it is you’re advertising. If it’s a clan or server, tell us what mod or special settings you run, what maps you use, what the rules are, if any. Post the IP address so people can actually find it. The more info you provide, the more people will take an interest.

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