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Making an Ingame Saber Menu

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Hello there! I was working on an ingame saber selection menu inspired by the one in KotF, but the Apply button doesn't work in the way I'd like it to. I want it to work like it does in KotF - where the apply button instantly changes your lightsaber/s.

Do any of the KotF devs know how I can fix this? Thanks :)

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playermodel player "converts" ui data to player data. For example those cvars:

ui_char_model "palpatine_emperor"
ui_char_skin_torso "model_default"
ui_char_skin_head "model_default"
ui_char_skin_legs "model_default"
ui_saber_type "single"
ui_saber "darth_sidious"
ui_saber_color "red"

if they're not set you will receive a default value which is a stormtrooper
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