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Father vs. Son Trailer + news about Knightfall


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Many have wondered about the state of our next two missions; Operation: Knightfall and Father vs. Son, there have been few details about how close we are to finishing, now it's time to reveal.


Voiid and I have been working hard on our respective missions, hoping to deliver the highest possible quality for you all to enjoy. However, as life gets busier for both of us, time to work on the missions gets smaller and smaller.


To address any possible thoughts on us getting lazy with the mods, I elected to release the fixes to the Revan vs. Malak mission ahead of schedule. However, this has only delayed the inevitable.


As it stands, Father vs. Son is close to completion, with Palpatine's POV remaining. Knightfall on the other hand has taken longer than expected, and we're unsure when it will be done.


Fire Phoenix and I talked, and we came to a compromise; if Knightfall isn't complete by February 6th, we will release Father vs. Son by itself on our 1 year anniversary; February 9th. We will then focus efforts on Knightfall, release that, then get to work on the long process of developing 2.2.


Tl;dr: Father vs. Son will release on February 9th, confirmed.


Oh and here's a trailer.


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