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magic appearance of a misc model after another misc model is destroyed?

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My question is (obviously I already know how to explode a normal misc_model): is it possible that with a trigger and a usable func can appear a misc_model? I really need someone to solve this question please. Any idea?

well... maybe a func_usable or func_static with unactive field setted and model2 key with model spawnflag? not sure, i never tryed. into jedi outcast there is the first map when kyle destroy a reactor and reactor push a looong deadly flame into a tunnel. you need to wait that flame is expired for pass without die and pass throught reactors's ruined. i think you need to decompile this map and see how works this part of level, on radiant and on icarus too. so decompile also with dehaveb the scripts of JO first level.

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