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Hmm Most simply solution dont switch between skins.

I am not switching between multiple skins. When I switch once from the default Twi'lek it gives me, I try and switch to any of the other skins and it causes this issue.

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Do you have other mods in the base folder? If yes, remove them. Other mods could interfere with the KotF mod files, which can cause problems.

If you don't have any other mods, the problem is probably something else.


Maybe you should install KotF again. For that, just remove the KotF folder and use this launcher: https://www.moddb.com/mods/knights-of-the-force-21/downloads/kotf-launcher-v2

Put the launcher in the Gamedata folder, start it and click Update. It will install all the needed files.

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If you change to a character that's on the dark side, this will happen. Dark side characters cannot harm each other. You'll have to switch to light side if-ever you want to switch to a dark character and still play the campaign normally.

This helps for the most part thank you, but now the issue is that i have no force power.

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