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Order 66 Mod

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With the recent announcement of The Clone Wars coming back, my prequel interest is at an all time high. After playing Circa's prequel conversion mod for days, I got an idea. What if the game took place during Order 66? This mod will replace a few weapons and models to have the story fit Revenge Of The Sith and its immediate aftermath. Replacements implemented so far:


Alora replaced by Asajj Ventress

Variations of reborn replaced by Jedi Hunters

Clone troopers replacing Stormtroopers

ARC troopers replacing Stormtrooper officers and commanders

The DL44 replaced by the DC17

E11 replaced by the clone carbine

Repeater replaced by DC15


Changes Pending:

Tavion to Female Inquisitor from Rebels

Luke to be replaced by a hologram Obi Wan 

Possibly turning Rosh into Ezra

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