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I need help with the creation of prefabricated buildings.

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https://opengameart.org/content/modular-building-asset-0 i not know how much they can help you but should be a start point.



give a look


the problem is to convert and port all these nice stuff into radiant and convert  into brush or misc models... but misc model need collision! >.< ... so, good luck man.

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Thanks bro, although the models that you sent me are not useful, I could say that most objects of post-apocalyptic buildings work very well, maybe those are the ones that you use.

ehr, you need to convert alls these stuff of open game arts into md3 or workable stuff compatible for JKA. i manage to do that when i have time for my projects so after i did maybe i share on jkhub if is possible. or i send on you on private. these stuff are freeware. is sufficient credits the authors.

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