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Submitting a new character.

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Please use this template for any characters you want to suggest to us. All fields are required, else we will not take your request under consideration.


All characters must meet these basic requirements in order to be taken under consideration:

  • The character must have been featured in an official Legends or Disney Star Wars work. Fan creations will not be accepted.
  • The character must have a proper, high quality Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast model rigged and ready to play.
  • The character model must resemble a realistic depiction of the character, LEGO and Cartoon models will not be accepted.

If you have met these requirements, create a new topic with the following information.


NAME OF CHARACTER/VARIATION OF AN EXISTING CHARACTER: (Example: Tulak Hord or Leia Organa (Force Unleashed 2 Endor DLC))


WOOKIEEPEDIA ARTICLE: (We need this to research the character and write an appropriate description for them if necessary)


MODEL DOWNLOAD LINK: (The most important part, if you don't have a model we can't take your choice under consideration.)


AUTHOR: (Post who the author is so we can contact them)


SCREENSHOT: (Show us a screenshot or two showing off the models)

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