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What is Star Wars: Warzone?

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Since people have been asking, here's a very, very, short description of what we are aiming to do.


- The idea behind the game is to have multiple worlds (maps), linked together using a master server to send players between planets and to store inventory, etc.
- Each world will have a town. Here players will socialize, and/or join duel queues in the arena. Instead of hundreds of empty servers, warzone servers should be always active - at least the hubs.
- The combat will be almost standard Jedi Academy (with some tweaks and additions, but not moving too far away from the original fighting systems). If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
- Many of the worlds will be conquerable by clans in an Eve Online style sandbox way. Enemy clans can then invade the planet, using a long (probably a day or so) timer to give time for both sides to prepare before the battle.
- Clans who own planets control the resources of that world (natural resources, npc loots, etc). They can either sell them, or horde them.
- Have a moldular weapon system. Each weapon can be modified and added to, Fallout 4 style, for an almost unlimited number of weapon options.
- Make it dead easy to add new content, for new and old modders, and hopefully let people mix and match community modifications to their liking (skyrim style).
When I get time, I will add more details and a better description here, but those are the basic plan.
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Here's a document I wrote up a while back with a bit more info on planned warzone gameplay.



Gameplay stage 1 basic plan:
1. Create basic worlds. Terrain based with a town or two.
2. Most maps should also have a dueling area in a town, but the actual duel room is blocked from the main map, with 2 duelroom_spawnpont entitys  (one) for each spawning duelist. Preferably this room should be visible to the people in town (in a cantina, etc, but behind glass) to watch duels while they wait. An npc in the viewing area would be where people queue up for the duel system.
3. Somewhere off the map, we also want a tffa/ctf area, at least in this stage of development - later this may be not required any more with stage 2 becoming the real pvp of wz. Again, 1 tffa_spawnpoint for each team. Code will make extra spawnpoints around (or inside) that entity for multiple players to spawn. Possibly in stage 2, these may be re-purposed into guild training/testing areas. This needs to be it's own area of the map, no visibility to the main map for speed/culling/etc. Again, there will be an NPC in town to queue people for the ctf/tffa matches.
4. A few maps might have some sort of arena. No rush on this one.
5. We spawn a bunch of completely random quests/enemies based on some simple scripts per faction in the wilderness around the town for people to fight/farm/etc. This becomes the stage 1 economy, items.
The basic idea of this stage is to get players gathered on a few wz servers, not spread over hundreds of empty ones. Build communities and friendships to keep people playing, because theres always people online.
So, now we have a basic world system. now comes the next stage, main pvp/guild system (the longer term plan that ive only had in my head really):
1. The towns above become conquerable by guilds.
   * Guilds that own an area have a monopoly on the loot and resources in the area. (Long term, some areas may also open up skills to members of a guild, or ships, vehicles, or whatever). Possibility of other structures at some point to mine resources, etc.
   * Guilds will be able to set standings with other guilds, allowing or disallowing access, and allowing for a basic guild-alliance system. Undecided on if allied guilds will be allowed to help defence/attacks on areas. We probably don't have enough player slots to allow for it on a server.
   * Guilds will be able to invest into automated defences, but their main defence will always be their players.
2. A guild that holds the town can block others from access to the area. However, another guild can declare war and try to claim the town from the original clan.
    The war would cost them money, and be on some timers.
    * A begin timer (probably like 24hours) - giving the owner a chance to prepare a defence.
    * A battle timer (probably like 1 hour) - this is how long the owning guild will need to stop their attacks, and how long the attacking guild has to take out the structure that claims area ownership and it's defences. A death of someone in this time will probably put the person into a non-combatant ghost-ish state for a period of time to be worked out. Let's say 5 minutes for now, to give the oposing team an advantage, able to focus on the 'territory claiming' structure (attack or repair).
3. Pirate guilds/groups can hack access to a world temporarily to cause havok or just have fun with the locals.
4. Some worlds (and hub worlds) will be unconquerable by players (and patrolled by local police force), for those that do not want to PVP.
Now we have a game where the players are the content, and stage 1 is just the basic economy. And unlike JKA, players have a reason to log in and play each day, their loyalty to their friends and guilds. All the JKA guilds will now want to use WZ as now they have a reason to be a clan.
Some possible really long term clan structure options ideas:
* Defence Turrets (of course).
* Shield Generator (protect town by forcing attacker to take out the energy sources before they can get into the town and attack the 'territory claim' structure.
* Space Station - That's no moon! Floating in the sky, clan can call down orbital strikes say once every 15 minutes during an attack (while the station is visible overhead). Long long term, this could even be another play area.
* Ship Yard (and Ships) - clan can call down support fire or npc reinforcements? Long long term, these could even be use to get to enemy planets to attack them.
* Various area resource upgrade structures. Improves the world. Increase quality of loot or resources, or add extra quest givers or traders, etc.
* Hunting Guild- Hire NPCs to farm the area for the clan for passive clan profit and resources.
* Mechanic's Guild/Police Guild - Hire NPC-vehicles/NPCs for defence around the town, town outskirts, shield generator and energy generators?
* Robot Assembly/Force Academy/Soldier Academy - Players can buy or select a Robot/Jedi/Soldier follower (like padawans/hk followers in current code).
I'm open to more ideas...
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