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Patch Notes: 4/1/18

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MANUAL DOWNLOAD ONLY: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P-4TGRk3tuFTNV-UMfaRfxvpw_0BbNSd


This small update demo is a sneak peek at features coming for the mod. In our efforts to maintain a healthy, and tolerant community, we've made some changes with pre-existing game elements which I hope that you all will enjoy.


As we want to be politically correct, I expect that none of these changes will brew any controversy of any kind.




  • All Lightsaber colors have been removed from the mod, all that Lightsabers will be are the blades. This is to hopefully prevent us from accidental discrimination, and make it known that we do not support any indication that one color of a lightsaber may be better than the others.


  • Force Jump has had a sound change.
  • Force Speed has had a sound change.
  • Force Sense has had a sound change.
  • Force Pull has had a sound change.
  • Force Absorb has had a sound change.
  • Force Rage has had a sound change.


For future updates, we have the following planned, and much more:


  • All characters will be locked at the start of the mod, all characters must be unlocked through ingame achievements, the only unlocked character at the start will be Jar Jar Binks.
  • Per request by 1 fan, microtransactions will be available.
  • Rey will be given a massive HP and FP boost to accomodate her "Mary Sue" status.
  • Ingame achievements with varied rewards, such as virtual high fives and even a hug.
  • Loot boxes will appear sporadically on most maps, which will contain valuable weapons and items, such as damage boosts and even real world currency.
  • For our fans that may experience major offense to violence in video games, we are going to be removing all guns from the game, multiplayer will be about preaching tolerance and kindness.
  • Overhauls on lightsabers will include, but aren't limited to: Rainbow lightsaber colors and the option to remove all lightsabers from the game.
  • Occasionally, an option to donate to the mod will pop up while you play, you may donate any amount you wish, you must donate to play the mod. How much you donate may offer you rewards, such as overpowered damage boosts and extra force power.
  • Losing a duel while in multiplayer will force you to be swarmed with the "Do you know da wei" memes as punishment for your failure.
  • So much more to come....


Thank you all for following the development of Knights of the Force 2.1, and may the Force be with you.

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