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Patch Notes: 3/13/18

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VIEW ALL PATCH NOTES HERE: http://linken233.github.io



  • Dismemberment has been fixed, you may now chop up your victims to your heart's content. 
  • Dismemberment probabilities have been changed to only offer two values, low or high.


  • Players engaging in a duel will be granted full health and shields for the battle ahead. 
  • After a duel has ended, the victor will be granted full health and shields.
  • Players can now roll with a gun as their active weapon.
  • Players should now be able to spawn more NPCs in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to crash players by turning on the Training Lightsaber.


  • Increased waiting time after selecting a character to play as so the character's dialogue can fully play.



The Galactic Republic

  • Tiplee and Tiplar have discovered the importance of communication. They will now talk properly.

The Separatist Alliance

  • Asajj Ventress went back for some extra training under Count Dooku; her health has been increased from 300 to 400. 
  • Durge has grown throughout the Clone Wars, and has been rescaled from 150 to 169. 
  • Darth Maul's shirtless variant (with natural legs) has been given his staff instead of a single-bladed lightsaber. 
  • Savage Opress went back to Dathomir to complete his transformation; he has been rescaled from 106 to 123. 
  • Savage Opress upgraded his lightsaber with his new height change, the blade is now longer to compensate for his height. 
  • Count Dooku was most displeased with the size of the Super Battle Droids. After some work on the manufacturing line, they have been rescaled from 109 to 125.

The Galactic Empire

  • Alora realized that it was way too hot on Taspir III and decided to take off her winter gear and dress in something more appropriate to the climate. 
  • Galak Fyyar felt very cramped in his Cortosis armor and commanded his engineers to rescale it from 100 to 110. 
  • Galak Fyyar found his voice outside of his armor and will now talk. 
  • Galak's Cortosis armor variant has been changed from CLASS_GALAK_MECH (which doesn't exist in Jedi Academy's code) to CLASS_HAZARD_TROOPER. 
  • The 8th Brother has discovered the importance of being vocal, and will now talk.



Carbon City

  • Added missing textures: models/map_objects/imp_mine/crate_open and models/map_objects/kejim/crate_01 
  • Sound file Re-Rendering with mono option

Tatooine Duel

  • With the release of a new KotF OpenJK build, TatooineDuel can now be accessed without crashing. It is now free to choose in the map selection menu.

Invisible Hand (v1)

  • The Invisible Hand map has been changed from its free for all version to its siege version for use in Single Player. It is no longer greyed out.

Naboo Hills

  • The map no longer crashes on startup. 
  • Replaced missing vehicles due to renames. (Droid Starfighter and Clone Gunship)


  • Replaced missing vehicles due to renames. (STAP and Droid Starfighter)

Trade Federation Ship v1

  • Fixed an issue where Droid Starfighters would float after respawning in the hangar.
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