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"Jawa Gun" file not found when attempting to load.


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After a full playthrough of JKA with Knights of The Force 2.1, I found that it was unable to load the second-to-last level, giving a loading error about a "Jawa Gun" not found. Attempting to load through the menu outside of game works fine, but it only goes light-side ending, which is not what I did. After committing to the dark side on Taspir III, when the game attempts to load Korriban, this error happens. I am unaware of how to fix this error, since reloading the game doesn't work and there does not appear to be a file for models in KOTF.

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I don't seem to have a weapons.dat anywhere. Just doesn't exist. And this glitch, as far as I can tell, is only unbeatable when attempting the dark side ending. Light side loading through menu works fine. Aside from that, if someone could direct me to where the file is located in the steam version of install, then I might be able to fix it. Also, does the "give-all" cheat affect anything, because that's the only cheat I've used the whole playthrough, and only once on taspir.

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Update: While this glitch is still in effect, I managed a workaround: Reloading a Taspir save (the second map) with no weapons but the lightsaber will allow progression to the final two levels. I don't know what weapon currently causes the issue I had, anyone else with this problem may try my own solution.


1. Load Taspir III, the second mission, in the menu. Don't progress through normally after the first Taspir level.

2. Pick your side.

3. If you have no weapons other then the lightsaber and e-11, it will allow progression to Korriban. 


Since the weapon I suspect of causing the problem (the electric blaster) is not present throughout these levels, it is impossible to pick it up without using a give-all cheat. I have not yet tested whether legitimately bringing it to Taspir works, but I would assume not. Thank you guys for all your help, though. I hope I did something good by making the glitch known.

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