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Splitting up a model with Noesis fast


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Side note:


After looking around casually on this tutorial section, I noticed a post from master Rich Whitehouse in DT85's tutorial about GLM Importing/Exporting using Noesis.



Oh, and another nice feature of Noesis is that it will automatically split your surfaces up to ensure that no single surface references more than 32 bones, 1000 verts, or 2000 triangles, and it will truncate your vertex weights to 4 joint weights if you have any exceeding 4. When it does so, it splits the surfaces off and makes them children of the main surfaces, so that it should still work with dismemberment and other stuff that utilizes surface hierarchies.


What he says there about splitting up models into less than 1000 verts had me interested because me and my modding pal were looking for a tool that does this for years !




So what I did was look around further into his tool and I noticed this in the advanced notes (That I've never seen this before stuns me !)


-maxbones # - a single mesh cannot reference more than this many bones.
-maxvertweights # - a single vert cannot have more than # weights.
-maxverts # - split meshes with more than # verts.
-maxtris # - split meshes with more than # tris.
For those who do not have noesis, click this link
Tutorial :
1. Open Noesis
2. Open file and locate a model you wish to split up
3. Export the model
4. Choose any Main output type you prefer (except GLM read the note below)
5. At Advanced options, type -maxverts with the amount of verts you wish to cut the model into
example : -maxverts 499
6. Press Export

Note: When exporting as GLM this happens automaticly into 32 bones, 1000 verts, or 2000 triangles, vertex weights to 4

- I know this might look silly as there are sooo many features in Noesis that you can explain but I just needed this to be out there as I was looking for this for years and who knows other people aswell.
- Also if I should explain something better or whatever , please let me know.
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