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MD3 Import/Export Using Noesis


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Getting an MD3 to FBX:

- Open Noesis (4.0996 at least is required)
- Load the MD3 model into Noesis
- Export the MD3 model to FBX

As far as I'm aware, Noesis will export the legacy FBX version (2006 version?) which is importable by all versions of FBX plugins.

Getting an MD3 from FBX to game:

To get texture names stored in the MD3, name your material in your 3D package like this: models/<yourmodelpath>/<yourtexture>.jpg

- Create your model, and split it up so each object doesn't go over 1,000 verts
- Add any bone objects you want as tags and name them "tag_<name>"
- Export the model + bone objects to FBX, any version should be ok
- Open Noesis (4.0996 at least is required)
- Load your FBX model into Noesis
- Export your FBX model to MD3 with the following command in advanced options:

-md3tbone <BoneName> <TagName>

without the < > of course. smile.png


Tags are created from bone objects in Max, not sure about other software. Rich said any skeletal joints. If you're wanting to create world weapon models (held in the player model's hand), then please check out my GLM tutorial.

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