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Character lip movements (Video)


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Before attempting this, please be aware that not all models have the ability to move their mouths. It would be a good idea to learn how to do this method on a model that does allow lip movements such as Kyle before trying on another model.

Let's begin!

  • Open the game (Multiplayer) and type /devmapall MapNameHere, for example /devmapall mp/ffa3
  • You will now be on a map of your choice with cheats activated
  • Bind noclip to a key via /bind anykey noclip
  • Bind taunt to a key via /bind anykey taunt
  • Stand perfectly still, this means don't allow your character to perform the idle animation (Check the video to see what the idle animation is)
  • Press the noclip bind
  • Then afterwards, press the taunt bind

Your character will now move it's lips and let out a taunt. The longer the taunt, the longer the lip movement animation will last. So for example if you had a 20 second custom taunt for Kyle then his mouth would move for 20 seconds as well.

In the video I used SystemA to rotate my camera so I was in front of my character.

Using the above method, you can record a video, cut the clips up and make it seem like the character is talking in sync with whatever audio you have (See the video at the end for an example) although it may take some time to get it to fit perfectly.

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