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JA+ Client Side 1.4 Build 4

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Author: Slider

JA+ or JAPLus is a server side Mod for Windows, Linux, and Mac which has the possibility to get a Client side plugin with pk3 files.

this plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game.

You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JAplus server.

Download Server-Side JA+ JAPlus here



- Support for the High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed pk3 when connecting a server

-MultiTaunt Sound and Multi Custom sounds in all gametype

- admin and clan channel autologin.

- AutoReplier integrated working with all languages.

- RGB sabers

- better smoothy moves thanks to the client side prediction

- Complete view of modelscale stystem with also scaling of sphere, shadow, saber....etc...

- Improved effects for the new moves, forces, attacks

- Improved UI menu

- Capability of allow/disallow Importants new feature provided by the plugin

- Complete Duel Non interference Code (Visual Ghost effect, smoothy player crossing)

- support for the Alternate dimension

- better JA+ items management ( flamethrower and grapple hook ...etc...)

- crosshair Player name in color

- gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model)

- support for the New JA+ GLA animations

- support for new ja+ sabers and holsters models


What's New in Version 1.4 Build 4


  • ***********************************
  • Features in 1.4 Build 4
  • ************************************
  • -Support for the High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed pk3 when connecting a server
  • Look in your game Options Menu to configure it.
  • You can also use the cmd /pluginDisable to configure it.
  • PS: Sorry for MAC user but this feature is not yet available for the MAC JA+ Plugin version.
  • - better plugin feature management with the /plugindisable cmd and cp_pluginDisable cvar with new config item:
  • Plugin_AllowDownloadURL_Redirect, // disable or enable the URL AUtoDownload Redirect for needed pk3 Files when connecting a server
  • - Wall ledge Grab improvement: you now must press 2 times the Jump button to grab the wall/ledge. So the wallLedge grab feature is now much more under your entire control.
  • you need to play on a server v2.4 or above for this improvement.
  • - new plugin cmd => /showPlayerID => it shows the real player id playing on the server. the basejka cmd /serverStatus is buggy when showing player ID.
  • - increase of the number of displayed player models icons and displayed saber hilts names in the menu.
  • - the plugin UI is now able to display all hidden skins : so you are not forced any more to open your pk3 files to find them.
  • - Improved UI for player model selection: it displays now also the model you selected in a rotation for a better look of your model :)
  • - some cool effects added on CTF Flags when you carry it and also when watching at a someone carrying it.
  • -New PLugin CMd : -ui_openmenu modsay : it brings the Interface for message mod (clansay, amsay, private talk, ampsay...etc...): Use the plugin JA+ Control menu section to bind this key.
  • -addition of an extension human male clothes skin pack that demonstrates shader capabilities in JKA. My close friend Show7 made this skin pack externally but it contains in particular my personal skin made by him for myself.
  • - Fix: player score board were buggy when player name are too large and also with kill/death info too large.
  • - Fix : some modded lightsabers when bolted in back could have problem of invisibility.
  • - Fix : the basejka bug when displaying player names in crossHair : the special chars were removed from the name.
  • - Fix : the basejka bug which creates a shaking screen when spectating a player which rides a vehicle and then stoping following him.
  • - Fix: the random client crash occurring mainly in map change.
  • ***********************************
  • Features in 1.3
  • ************************************
  • - For mac users, the DLL .bundle files are now integrated in the PK3 but you need the mac patch1.01D or above.
  • - support for the new JA+ GLA animations.
  • -Support for the Alternate dimension
  • - new cvar cp_altDimAlpha (integer between 0 and 255) : control the transparency of the player from the opposite dimension. (0 = invisble, 255 = full visible)
  • - better viewpoint for several sabers attacks.
  • - JA+ saber support :
  • - support for holsters with the JA+ sabers packs(several holster models added and a UI menu switcher). thanks to Wolrajh for his holster models.
  • - sabers which are not bolted in back when holstered are boloted to belt.
  • -better smoothy moves by improving the client prediction of the lastest moves ajustment in JA+ mod.
  • - better plugin feature management with the /plugindisable cmd and cp_pluginDisable cvar with new config item:
  • Plugin_NewForceEffect, // disable or enable new force effect
  • Plugin_No_NewDeathMessage, // disable or enable new death message
  • Plugin_NewForceSight_effect, // disable or enable the new force sight effect.
  • Plugin_NoAltDim_effect, // disable or enable the alternate dimension effect.
  • Plugin_holsteredSaberBolted, // disable or enable the sabers bolted when they are holstered (this is contolled in the .sab file)
  • Plugin_ledgeGrab, // disable or enable the wall ledge grab at client side
  • Plugin_NewDFA_PrimAttack, // disable or enable the new saber DFA using primary attack at client side
  • Plugin_NewDFA_AltAttack, // disable or enable the new saber DFA using Alt attack at client side
  • Plugin_No_SP_Cartwheel , // disable or enable the Single Player Cartwheel move attack
  • - electric core rgb saber changed with a better one.
  • -gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model) :
  • if you are playing on a JA+ server 2.3 or above, for skins used by players that you don't have, you will see Jan for female and kyle for male.
  • - efx_MOD.pk3 : a selection of good EFX packs for all weapons (made by Racer_ ) + blood effects (made in melee mod)
  • - addition of a free mouse looking in several special attacks like melee grabbing and the new animations which i coded recently.
  • - client plugin effects on forces improved.
  • ***********************************
  • Features in 1.2
  • ************************************
  • - MAC JA+ plugin now available:
  • - MultiTaunt Sound and Multi Custom sounds : in basejka, players sounds are very poor and they are always the same.
  • Now You can hear all custom sounds of the models (falling, death, taunt, taunt1, taunt2, taunt3, pain, ....etc...) when using this plugin.
  • see the list of all the sounds in this readme if you want to build custom models sounds.
  • - new client cmd : pluginDisable : allow/disallow some features in JA+ PLugin.
  • type : pluginDisable ID_Feature
  • to know all ID_Feature , just type the cmd without arguments
  • it will change the cp_pluginDisable cvar. this cvar is a bit value cvar that store your config for plugin feature disable.
  • By default the feature are all allowed.
  • - cvar cp_newDrainEfx removed. because this is now integrated in the cp_pluginDisable .
  • - AutoReplier integrated:
  • The JA+ Plugin provide an autoreplier system that doesn't require that your game be in english text to work.
  • The server must not disallow it if you want to use it.
  • Most messages are sent in private messages not to spam console.
  • you also can have many message for the same event that will be used randomly.
  • You just have to edit the file autoreplier.cfg with notepad and change the messages.
  • Then put this file in your japlus folder.
  • you can use the cvar cp_autoReplierFile to change the name of the default file.
  • While in game , you can use the cmd /reloadReplier to reload all messages from this config file.
  • Messages are autoReloaded at change map.
  • - all cycle admin cmd improved (admCmdNext, admCmdPrev, playerPrev, playerNext....) a lot in speed execution even if floodprotect is ON.
  • - using the plugin, admin guns will also works better even with floodprotect ON.
  • - new item in the setup menu video2:
  • -- cg_shadows (0,1,2 or 3 default 1)cvar accessible in the menu : to change the default behaviour of player shadows
  • -- cg_renderToTextureFX (0 or 1 default 1) cvar accessible in the menu : to reduce some laggy effects on several ATI video cards (protection sphere, cloak effect, push blur effect...etc...)
  • - Grapple Hook Improved:
  • you will be able to change your Hook Model with predifined models or the model you want (so moddlers can make their own hook model).
  • - cp_hookModel (0 , 1 or Path default 0): you need to reconnect the server so that the change be applied
  • 0: predifiined model 0
  • 1 : predifined model 1
  • Path : path pointing on the hook md3 model
  • exemple of Path: "models/items/g_hook/hook.md3" (so moddlers have fun creating new hook models :) )
  • - play_japlus.bat : script to start the game directly with the JA+ mod loaded. Put in your gamedata folder and execute it to start the game.
  • - death messages improved according to the method of death (MOD_FALLING, MOD_CRUSH, MOD_WATER, MOD_SLIME, MOD_LAVA).
  • those messages are also translated in the following languages (English, Spanish, French, German).
  • If you want that those message be loaded correctly you have to start your game directly under JA+ mod loaded
  • use the - play_japlus.bat : script to do it.
  • fix: autoreplier1.2Preview bug fixed when following duelers.
  • ***********************************
  • Features in 1.1 :
  • ************************************
  • - JAPLus is added to the server filter in the JOIN server menu
  • - JAplus scorboard updated with the number of times you died. it works only if you play on a JA+ server greater or equal than the 2.1 version.
  • - RGB sabers with menu enhancement and various style of line core , glow and trail (normal, flame, electricity,flame2, electricity2)
  • (works only with server JA+ greater or equal than v2.1).
  • - SP effect added for force sight
  • - cp_newDrainEfx (1 or 0 default 1) : active/disactivate the new wide drain effect. you must reconnect the server so that the new value is taken into consideration.
  • 2 NEw force attacks:
  • - NEw SP Drain Grab attack (the sith Kiss :) ): use force drain with melee weapon in front of your ennemy
  • - NEw Jedi grab Push attack ( jedi tornado ) (only for jedi): use force push with melee weapon in front of your ennemy
  • you must have your force level greater or equal than 2
  • you can block those attacks with absorb if you are a jedi or force push (press push a lot of times) level 3 if you are a sith.
  • the server must all this attack with jp_allowSPForces 2 at server side.
  • a very nice effect is also provided with the client side plugin.
  • - several new SP force animation when you start to use forces (there is also some special effect using the client side plugin). (you must allow those move with jp_allowSPForces at server side)
  • - the ingame profile menu is improved with the moves list including all the new JA+ moves with animation showing the moves in the UI
  • - New hook model made by {OoJ}Vouksh{M} specially for JA+.
  • - Vote is Displaying now the new JA+ vote type like ampoll, sleep,.... without the buggy strings in left Top of the screen.
  • the JA+ vote are also accessible through the menu.
  • the server stop writing vote center screen messages when using this plugin version.
  • - Duel isolation Improved :
  • you can see other players names while they are dueling only if jp_duelAlpha > 0.
  • When you make a private duel in team gametype, you now don't see the sprite above player heads.
  • - Modelscale improved:
  • all spheres like boon or enlightement, or protect are also scaled according to the server scale factor.
  • - Server Load Page updated for gametype highlander with rule display.
  • - if you play on a JA+ server less than the 2.0 version, all the features in the plugin that cause important client bugs will be autoDesacticated in the client plugin.(like for example the duel isolation).
  • But remember that in all cases, the plugin is not made for JA+ server version less than the 2.0.
  • So you are not obligated to remove your plugin when joining an old JA+ server. The plugin will do the work for you :).
  • - Fix: if the modelscale is activated, the costom saberLength for blades belonging to the same saber are now well scaled according to the saberLength2,3,....etc...
  • - Fix : the basejka bug with some Buggy Vote strings display is now corrected for all Vote type.
  • ***********************************
  • Features in 1.0:
  • ************************************
  • - Grapple Hook: you have to bind it /bind X "+button12" where X is a Key.
  • Real grapple hook in the client side plugin.
  • in the JA+ server side hook version (if you don't use this plugin): the hook disengages itself if you stop pressing your binded hook key.
  • Now if you use the client side JA+ plugin, you can keep suspended if you stop pressing your binded hook key and
  • you will have to press your USE button to disengage the hook.
  • With the client side plugin enabled you can also see a real hook wire.
  • if you press again the binded hook key, you will be pulled again
  • if you press the walking button, you will make a hook repel move.
  • -FlameThrower : an effect is also available in the client side plugin when a player is burning and also for the flamejet effect itself.
  • - improved animations which was causing a laggy look without this plugin: for example : grapple move, meditate, the wall stick free mouse look, the yellow dfa mouse look , roll (with jp_fixroll 2 or 3)...etc...
  • - player names are now drawn with colors in your crosshair for ffa gametype.
  • - Improve the model scale system: with this client side plugin, saber are drawn with a lenght scaled on model scale factor defined by the server.
  • the player shadow is also scaled according to the model scale factor.
  • - all JA+ commands are added to the cmds list so that you can use the TAB key to complete a cmd name.
  • - several key added in the control menu under the "Ja+ controls" section.
  • -when your private duel ends, you start an orbital move around your player just at the death moment.
  • --Duel Isolation (Non interference): thanks to the plugin this feature is improved compared with the default server side behaviour:
  • **when you are in duel, you can't see other players and you are not influenced by other players weapons, force power use, explosions......
  • **if you aren't in duel, you see cloaked duelers. the degree of visibility of duelers is controled by jp_DuelAlpha.
  • **going through other players is also better here because client side predicted.
  • - autologgin for admin and clanpass with 2 client cvar cp_login and cp_clanPwd
  • - new RGB colors for player clothes in player menu creation (it can be used instead of the /amcolor cmd).

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