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Scerendo's Shadow Trooper (JK2)

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About This File

Recently there has been many experimentations of Shadow Trooper reskins on 'The Void'

This is another variation I did. I based it off an unfinished project by Sharad Hett.

I made most of my textures from the exception of the metal plating on the torso and behind the thighs,

this is from Neomarz1's Magnaguard,I used this to improve the skin in general since I couldn't find anything

else that would fit. I would like to thank my friend Selek, for letting me use the shader on his skin for my icons,

and getting some sound files - cheers for that Sel.


As a little bonus this skin will work in Jedi Outcast as well, simply extract the pk3s in the JO_File folder

to your Jedi Outcast game data base. There Singleplayer replacements in the folders which need to be extracted

with the other pk3 in the folder, in order for it to work.


I would recommend if you have a computer which supports dynamicglow and high textures, with minimal lag that you play

with those settings to experience the full potential of the skin. Other than that enjoy.


Skin commands - /model JOst_shadowtrooper







Best played in dynamicglow.


Special Thanks to Buffy for getting me screens.


Credits: Sharad Hett (For the original Idea), NeoMarz1, Selek.


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Scerendo has crafted an elegant shadow trooper skin for us. While this file is old, it is still a good one nonetheless. One of things that 

really caught my eye was the animated icon for the skin, which is a rare thing for a modder to do, but when done properly, it looks really good. 

This is one of those times. It really sells the skin. 


On to the skin itself. Simply amazing glow shaders have been added, producing an amazing effect. The entire armor has been reworked, 

with artistic streaks of glowing light and awesome subtle designs. Another thing that was done was adding reflective shaders, which made it look 

grungy and metallic. While a simple thing to do, it took the skin to the next level. Many different colors were included with this release: blue, red, 

cyan, and green. Red was my favorite, it really looked stunning. And red is my favorite color, so no bias there...Anyway, bot support was also 

included, which is always a plus.


Some other features the mod boasts is JK2 support, which is a nice extra for the author to include. One thing that surprised me a little 

is that it has no sounds at all. I mean, new sounds really aren't necessary, linking it to the old shadow trooper sounds or even the stormtrooper 

sounds would have been fine. Unfortunately, all we get are the annoying generic male sounds. Not that big, but it would have been a simple fix. The 

author recommends enabling dynamicGlow to get the best appearance of the skin, which is definitelya good idea for this skin. Using 

"r_dynamicglow 1" or the setup menu option will greatly improve the 'glowiness'. Overall, a very well made skin that looks simply amazing.

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