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Makermod Client Plugin

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About This File

Hello everyone! Thank you for downloading my Client Plugin. This plugin, is based upon the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy mod "Makermod" The way it works, is simply adding a UI (User Interface) a menu, where you can do everything in the mod! (Not W-I-P commands)


So the meaning of this plugin, is making makermod easier to use. And I had alot of fun making it.


This Plugin, was created by me as a hobby. So the reason for its long time before its released, is simply because I don't have as much time that I might possibly want to work on stuff like this.


Plugin was also created with a few problems, since I've learned how to make it, by actually doing it. Therefore some features I did not know of in early process of the creation, has been left out for the first release. The later work is also of better quality, if you ask me, then the early time work. Since I've increased in skill on how to get my ideas into it.


Currently only for Microsoft Windows.


To get started:

1) Press ESC ingame

2) Press Controls

3) Press Makermod

4) Set a key.


As said earlier, this plugin allows you to easily "navigate" within the mod Makermod. So all the features are based upon the commands of that mod. Henche, the features are easily usage of the makermod features!


The plugin also got so you can navigate the plugin either with mouse, key arrows, or hotkeys:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0


One unrelated feature however, is the makermod server "finder" You can go into the ingame join game section, and press the "Game:" Tab, to scroll into list only showing servers with Makermod.


Some of the more experienced makermod players, mind find the plugin slow to use. The hotkeys helps, but many will still find it easier to use commands as orignally taught of. This I can understand, finding myself not using all the features myself.


So makermod plugin will mostly be a help for newer players.


Features that will make plugin faster to use, is planned. No release date on v2 though.


Plugin might also interfer with other mods, if game is not shut down between mod changing.


Thanks for your support! Hope you will enjoy this plugin :)


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Doesn't work for me. All commands are unknown.

You have to have the makermod mod loaded, or be in a makermod server, otherwise it won't work.

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You have to have the makermod mod loaded, or be in a makermod server, otherwise it won't work.


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