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SaberMod is a server and client side mod for JK2 1.04 being faithful to original mechanics of the game while trying to improve and promote its competitive aspect.


I think this is the best JK2 mod right now – ouned




Looks good mate – DesertHamster




WTF this mod blocks harder than league – Pingu


The mod draws ideas from popular id tech 3 mods starting with Xycaleth's JK2 "League Mod". SaberMod features an obligatory, dedicated clientside (cgame and ui) containing a number of improvements and giving all players a level field. Many features of so called "Clan Mods" or "FFA Mods" like extensive admin system or animation commands are not and will not be available. This is because they don't advance SaberMod towards its goals as laid out in the first paragraph.


The mod was made mostly for, and based on experiences of competitive saber-only JK2 community, although its bugfixes and improvements are generic and advantage all other gametypes too. I'd be glad to work with members of other communities like FF or CTF to fix more specific issues I may not be aware of.


Notable Features

  • New gametypes: Red Rover and Clan Arena
  • End-game statistics and detailed scoreboard
  • Custom "Game Modes" votable by players
  • Instagib game mode with "Unlagged" Disruptor hit detection
  • Transparent duels with option to make other players invisible
  • Addressed typical issues and annoyances in competitive basejk gametypes
  • Server setting allowing or preventing players from unlocking their FOV
  • Damage Plums in "Practice Mode", chat and spectator restrictions in "Match Mode"
  • Extended voting system with full UI integration for easier match management without server admin
  • Reworked, configurable serverside logging system
  • Fixed all known basejk bugs and exploits (collected together with Daggolin, ouned and other modders)
  • Multiple serverside and clientside performance improvements

Included modes

  • Unlimited weapons and force powers: Capture the Flag, Capture the Ysalamiri, Holocron, Jedi Master
  • Guns only: Clan Arena, Instagib Capture the Flag, Instagib Free For All, Insta Rockets Free For All, Pistolero
  • Full Force saber only: FF Capture the Flag, FF Free For All, FF Holocron
  • No Force saber only: NF Clan Arena, NF Duel, NF ESL Duel, NF Free For All, NF Red Rover, NF Team Free For All

Server administrators can easily add their own, votable game modes by following instructions in README.rst.




SaberMod serverside requires JK2MV version 1.2.1 or newer for making other players invisible in duel to work. JK2MV is a modernized, secure JK2 server/client and I highly recommend it for all server owners and players.


To run a SaberMod server please download attached package and unpack it in your game (GameData) directory. It will create a SaberMod/ directory with all required files in it. Edit server.cfg configuration file to your liking and start a server with +set fs_game SaberMod +exec server.cfg command line.




In case ingame strings don't show up correctly after server change, please reconnect.
See CHANGELOG and README for a complete documentation.
SaberMod's source code is released under GPLv2 license and available in its official git repo.
For server configuration you may want to use a dedicated cvar calculator.


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Very nice ideas here. Always good to improve on the game without losing sight of the core gameplay.


+1 from me

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Yep, and a lot more old names show up regularly. Nobody is really playing whole year round nowadays so you may need to wait for them, but if you want to meet up with Messiahs he is active currently.

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If you just want to check out the mod from a player's perspective (and most stuff I added is usable directly by players), simply join one of SaberMod servers and let jk2 autodownload the clientside for you: /cl_allowdownload 1 or /mv_allowdownload 1.

For example here: or there: All votes are enabled so you can set the server to whatever mode you want.

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