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Jedi Academy File Manager 00.01.01

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Jedi Academy File Manager

JAFM Beta Version 00.01.01



Jedi Academy File Manager (JAFM) is a utility for easily keeping track of PK3's/Packages, Mods, and CFG's for your Jedi Academy game. You can install new PK3's and mods, view / edit their in-depth properties, and even remove them from your game folder. Currently it's in beta, there are features being added and tweaked as development goes on. All criticism, enthusiasm, evaluation, etc. is appreciated. (if you find an issue, please PM me directly on JKhub!)



- Enable/Disable PK3's

- Detailed PK3 support for modders

- Dynamic mod installation & management

- CFG (scripts and configs) editor.

- JASP/JAMP launcher with argument support.

- Profile system for keeping multiple sets of gamedata folders and selections of active packages.

- Large amount of backgrounds to choose from, all from JA! (reason the DL is so big, sorry)

- Automatic PK3-type name parsing (authors and version #'s require jafm_info.txt files)



1. Download JAFM.

2. Put the application wherever you want, and start it up. It does not need to be in a certain directory.

3. Use as you see fit!


Planned Features

- PK3 packaging tool & editor for quick fixes / access


- List sorting

- Skins and more customization

- More ergonomic CFG editor and modder support


Things That Don't Work & Disclaimers

- If you have a steam installation of JA, due to the way steam works you will be unable to launch multiplayer from JAFM. Sorry!

- This application must be ran in administrator mode for people who have installed JA into their "x:\Program Files" and "x:\Program Files (x86)" directories.

- Mac & Linux aren't supported yet.

- I'm confident JAFM won't destroy your game or folders, however if you don't believe me - back up your GameData folder before use.


Further Notes

- I've been working on versions of this for nearly two years, inspired by the likes of NMM and MO.

- Just recently started learning how to use WPF, this is my first project with it.


Modder Support

1. Download a copy of the jafm_info.txt file found here: clicky clicky OR download from the JKH link, there'll be a folder named "sample jafm_info"

2. Fill out your mod's details inside.

3. Put the jafm_info.txt into your PK3's top directory or next to it inside a ZIP file.

4. JAFM will attempt to look for a jafm_info.txt and a read-me.txt during analysis.

5. A plethora of Read-Me file names are searched to cover multiple possibilities of you messing up ;)



- Thanks to MasterM, he has been my most dedicated tester.

- Thanks to Fal & Zab for the support & encouragement.


What's New in Version 00.01.01


  • - fixed file name parsing

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This is Awesome! Thanks a lot.


One suggestion maybe for a future version: Support the original zip files and use the readme.txt to display information about the mod properties.

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This is Awesome! Thanks a lot.


One suggestion maybe for a future version: Support the original zip files and use the readme.txt to display information about the mod properties.

There's no standard for that - in naming, folder structure or file format.
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Is there a way to drag and drop mod files? I have over 40 pk3s and I don't want to have to add each one of them manually to the program (but I will if necessary).


EDIT: And is it possible to have the program drag the files from another folder other than base? All my pk3s that I'm not using at in another folder just above the gamedata directory.


EDIT 2: And is it really necessary for the program to copy the entire pk3 to another folder?

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There's no standard for that - in naming, folder structure or file format.


Yeah, you are right. While thinking more about it I also realized there are some zip files with multiple pk3s and will require some kind of database to keep track of every zip and al the pk3s contained plus which one of those pk3s are actually installed.


Still an awesome tool. I think is a must have!

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This has great potential. Question - Is this / will this eventually use a virtual filesystem in the same way as Mod Organizer?

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@The Punisher, you can use zips to install PK3's with - you do not need to extract PK3's in order to use them in this application! :D JAFM will extract them for you if you give it a ZIP. 


@Onsyfx, 1. no drag and drop  yet, my previous versions had it but suffered whenever it was forced to run in Admin mode (for some reason). 2. Yes, it is necessary to keep a storage bin - however I was playing around with the idea that I don't need to have it copy PK3's but rather just move them. This can be dangerous if you lose a file though. 


Applications like Mod Organizer and Nexus Mod Manager have "storage bins" as well, in fact it's worse - they're virtual installs basically. All the mods for Skyrim or Fallout (or whatever game) you have are extracted into one directory per profile. So we should be thankful that PK3's aren't really that big of a hassle. 


I'm going to be making a thread for this to discuss new features and such here in a bit. 

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Can this be used to run single player mods that use a lot of npcs.


uhhh probably ... you can set launch arguments (going to make it more obvious how in an update), so if the mod has an fs_game type (as I'm pretty sure all mods do) I'm sure you can. 

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