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    The Dark Palace - Duel

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    Well, I'm sorry, but this is a mess. The brushes are buggy, the quality of the textures are just plain bad - like 128x128px bad.
    If you look closely at the walls - or just trying to run on them, or crouch close to them - they are misplaced. You can literally stuck between two wall brush while you run in wall, or stuck beneath them. There is no lightmap in this map, and the brushes of the table and the chair are merges together and glitching constantly. It feels like its your first map ever, which is fine, its good to know this game is still has new mods, and modders, but i guess you should learn modding better before you make your mods public. 

    Dont give up tho, make sure your walls are in the same grid, if you are intrested in mapping look some tutorials, and I'm sure  you will be better.

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