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  1. Hello everybody. Well, I want to find a clone blade model. I know that they are in the MBII database, but I do not know how to take out sabers models. If anyone has these blades, please share. If anyone does not understand, I will attach a screen with these blades. https://imgur.com/a/go2l4A4
  2. On one of the Russian forums (I'm from Ukraine, I know the language) I found a post of a guy who added a Z-6 model to WP_RAPID_FIRE_CONC. As I understand it, the above weapon are considered "unused". And there's no way to spawn him. Accordingly, when I write "give/spawn weapon_rapid_concussion" in the console, nothing happens. Perhaps someone knows a fix / mod that will allow you to take WP_RAPID_FIRE_CONC into the hands of the player. If there is one, please share. And here is a screenshot with a rotary blaster Z-6.
  3. Well, I managed to replace one of the unused weapons in the game code with the Z-6 model. But, unfortunately, it cannot be taken into the hands of the player.
  4. Hi falks. Does anyone have a Z-6 spinning blaster mod for the regular JK3? If there is, please share.
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