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  1. Ahhh the rancors were kinda memey, but it would have been a more fun type of thing if it were more uhhh voluntary. But the rancor spawning was definitely pretty tame when compared to the locking servers and stuff like that. That's interesting Circa, I'm glad they fixed that, it would've made the MP on consoles a bit untenable if it were left that way.
  2. NO, NO, NO. Why not message him on PSN and ask him yourself, honestly? Binnysan(2) is a great guy and talented member of our PS4 community, who used to play PC and was very close with OG Binnysan (yes, i know the reputation.) He uses his name to honor his dead friend.
  3. Very entertaining to see that the Koons wanted to continue their JoF JKA advertising campaign on the consoles. But alas, it was not to be. For us, the secret Koon forms will never be something we attain. The console JKA of today has large communities that can rival PC active numbers on our good nights. We have discords and host large tournaments, teach new people falling in love with JKA through console for the first time, and thanks to the GOOD side of the PC community that doesn't want to kill our communities by enticing them to PC, we have fixed the problems that Koon mentioned above such as saber ghosting, that was largely due to default CFG settings on the Aspyr servers. Now rather than 20svfps we use 30 and 40, weapons and force have been disabled on a few servers to allow the duelists to duel, train, and throw tournaments without being rocketed to death. Our communities are full of dedicated ex PC players that can't play pc anymore and are very happy to be able to play the game, and old OG Xbox players that played for years. Interesting thread, good read, but thought it needed some commentary from an actual console JKA player. I also play on PC because I fell in love with the game on console. All the mods and extra stuff are nice, but we love our 1.01 PS4 base. The PC community may think that console players belong there, or are destined to end up there, but we intend to keep our community and game alive for as long as possible. The controller offers less control in the end, but there's something to be said about playing JKA on the sticks. And that's not to mention the other benefits PS4 actually has over PC. For competitive play, everyone is on the same even ground. There's no cfg editing for lower jumps or better staff blocking, there's no scripts, there's nothing like that. It's a perfectly level playing field that can't be used to gain any advantage that another player couldn't. So, let me flip the script here. Those of you that have PS4s or Switch, I challenge you to come and fight me on the sticks and our improved servers. Come and hang out with our dedicated JKA community. Come and join our tournaments and see how you do. I bet you'll be impressed with what we do with what he have. Thanks for reading. -Bongrip Also, the MP matchmaking list in your original post Circa. It doesn't drop you into a random server when you click FFA, TFFA, or so on. We have one server for each game mode. If it fills, an overflow server is made. But we've set the max players in server to 32 rather than the 16 originally, so we don't need overflow servers anymore really. So consider it that PS4 and Switch each have six servers to use, and despite the title of the server being related to the game mode, the gamemodes can be altered, such as Siege that doesn't really get played can be made a dedicated dueling server, so on. Futuza, as for hacking, well yes. PC players were intentionally hijacking rcon and spawning rancors and generally griefing our entire servers. Intentionally crashing them as well, and one time a password was put on each server. Ironic, because we can't plug in a keyboard to type in a dialog box, nor did our digital ps4 keyboards let us even try to guess. Yeah, some PC players were intentionally griefing
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