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  1. Ashura's advice of making my own pk3 did the trick, but upon further investigation there WAS another modded pk3 overruling the changes I made to assets. We're all good now tho, thanks you guys for the quick and very helpful responses!
  2. Hello, thanks for the help. I'll keep that in mind about directly changing the assets file. And yes, I saved it in the base folder. Also, I was able to do all of this without changing any access permissions. And, after closing and reopening PakScape, I loaded assets1 and confirmed that my changes had indeed been saved.
  3. Though PakScape, I went thru assets1.pk3/ext_data/npcs and changed the FP_SABERTHROW value of every lightsaber wielding NPC to 0 so they wouldn't perform that skill anymore. I also went thru assets1.pk3/ext_data/sabers and, in dual_1.sab - dual_5.sab, changed the singleBladeStyle value to strong so that it would replace medium style when using a staff. I extracted every file, changed them, replaced the old ones and saved all the changes in assets1.pk3. However, the changes are not reflected in game. Is there something more required?
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