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    Very Nice! But a variant with a jedi/sith robe would be cool looking. Keep up the good work! but sadly the file isn't working. did you do something to the download link?
  2. Hi guys! I've seen many amazing SWTOR models for JKA, but I have not seen the Imperial Bastion's Armor. I cannot make models because I'm an idiot (but I can convert them). It seems pretty easy to change a Darth Marr model to this. They seem *kind of* similar. Anyways I'm just asking if someone can make this or if they already have a model of this. Also I hope I put this in the right topic category . If anyone does decide to make it, it doesn't matter if you make it a female or male model.
  3. I play the mod Movie Battles 2, and Force Unleashed is one of my FAVORITE games of all time, So it really disappoints me that my favorite costume (Experimental Jedi Armor) isn't in the game or any skin packs at all. All I am requesting is that someone makes this into a JKA model. I can't pay you or anything but I can definitely give you credit for the model. I plan to show the model to the Movie Battle 2 developers and try to convince them to put it in the game. If the devs don't put it in the game I will put it in a customs skin pack that people can download. (I don't really care about the sabers). If you need more references of the armor just message me and I can show you a LOT more.
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