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  1. Ok, that was the reason indeed. When you're an admin in Lugormod you can use all commands and cheats even when they are disabled on the server, or so I thought. As it turns out - only some of them. Enabling cheats really did the magic and the command works! It is not a dream solution but gives me at least some control over what happens in game. Thank you very much!
  2. In fact that would be close enough and something I could settle for. The problem is the command doesn't seem to work. I googled it and found out there are at least 3 versions of the command in the internet (with spaces in between words etc.) but non of them works. Have you used it? Maybe it's fake or SP only? Do you know how to do that? Is it complicated?
  3. Again, sorry. And thanks for changing the section! Thanks for the suggestions, I checked Zyk OpenJK and OpenRP Mod but unfortunately they don't suit my idea, although I must admit I didn't know them before! The thing is, Lugormod is perfect for what I'm planning and I've got everything else prepared there. But the npcs and their irrational team scripting are literally the only thing keeping me from achieving what I had in mind.
  4. Hi. I've got this problem and can't seem to find a way around it. I'm trying to build a sort of roleplaying-friendly enviroment on my server for couple of friends. To make a kind of Star Wars LARP (live-action role play) in the virtual enviroment, since everyone is at home because of quarantine. I use Lugormod, and just wanted to place a few npcs in a few places. Like a bartender and couple of guys in cantina - it's simple, got no problem with that. I know how to edit npc files, I know how to use commands. But I'm not much of a modder or programer. The problem is with the the npcs themselves and their four possible team settings. When they're set to "Playerteam Player", they don't attack the players even if they are attacked by them. Or even if one of the other npcs from the same team is killed, the others don't attack the players (I think they do in the single player, if you kill a Jedi others starts to attack you if i remember it correctly. But they don't do it in multiplayer). I know, it might not be typical problem that people have but it's really important to me to have a bunch of Rodians in my cantina that fight back if they are attacked. Otherwise it's won't be a roleplay cantina, it will just be a box full of dummies that anyone can do anything to. Non of the other npc team settings works. "Playerteam Enemy" makes the rodians attack everyone, "playerteam neutral" makes them run away from players, "playerteam free" makes them attack everyone and everything. I couldn't find the answer anywhere in the internet so I decided to ask here. Maybe some of you knows more things about this whole thing than I understand. /// EDIT: Sorry if this isn't a right section for this kind of question but depending on the answer for my problem it could belong to different sections, because i don't know if it can be solved by a command or mod or well, anything at all.
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