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  1. Dubby

    Dubby here!

    Sure, I would love to help you once I get the hang of the engine! I have some physics/vector math knowledge so if you have any questions regarding that feel free to pm me~
  2. Dubby

    Dubby here!

    Hi and woah! Thank you for explaining the basic abbreviations in the engine! I have some experience with making my game engines from my study in c++ so I really just need some pointers (haha get it). Currently I'm trying to lower the delay of the roll in multiplayer so you can jump as soon as your roll has ended and get some of the roll momentum in your jump, just for some more fun interactions in duels since rolling is more or less a death sentence right now. Furthermore, I'm also looking into enhancing the spectator mode to allow for better tournament experiences! Some features I currently have in mind are (unordered): - Isolating dueling players like in ja+ when you start a duel (since we do our tournaments on FFA servers and other players tend to get in the spectator's way sometimes). - Displaying the players' health when they're isolated (like in Tekken/Mortal Kombat etc...) - Better controls for the spectator (controlling camera damp speed like in 3rd person mode, pressing forward/backward is aligned to the world Y axis instead of the camera view and using jump/crouch to move up/down) Once I'm done with these goals and I've learned a bit more about the engine I'm willing to help out with improving other more general aspects of the engine (like adding fullscreen borderless option)!
  3. Dubby

    Dubby here!

    Hi everyone! I'm Dubby and I've recently started playing JKA again. I'm studying game engineering so this time I decided to go into the source code and develop some mods that thought would be interesting for me and my friends. I would greatly appreciate any advice and information about OpenJK and the engine itself! This is me and my dog:
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